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The number 4 sounds with diligence and determination to attain your objectives, endurance, practice application, hardworking and responsibility. It carries traditional values: honesty, integrity, and internal wisdom. The number 4 also concerns your motivation, your passion and your vocation.

The number 248 is a mixture of energies and attributes of the figure 2, vibrations of figure 4 and influences of the figure 8. The number 2 adds vibrations of adaptability, diplomacy and cooperation, duality, service and devotion, equilibrium and harmony. It manifests altruism, perspicacity, faith and confidence and your karmic aim in life.


The figure 8 sounds with power and personal authorities, truth and integrity, good judgement and discernment, liability and autonomy, material freedom, give and receive, the spiritual law of karma, and also riches and manifest abundances.

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