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Contrary to what you may have heard; KSHP-DB is committed to staying free. Music can calm us in times of trouble, and accompany those times of jubilation in our lives. We here at Real Rock 101 believe that music is a gift, and a general conclusion has been reached by us all. Unlike some multinational conglomerates (namely the P,S & A guys,) to charge our listeners for that gift is beyond the sacred, loving, and caring nature of our rock family. In our effort to keep the high quality of our streams for you, and to keep paying royalties so we are able to keep the best new rock streaming in high quality to the world, as of today all promotion/travel has ceased. We will not be at 'Epicenter' & 'The Flowers Festival' as advertised. I believe we won't be able to cover 'Music Fights Back' if it isn't cancelled, and we will keep you UTD on if we can make 'Louder Than Life 2020'. To our artists/record reps/media partners; please take care of yourselves. Although we may only see each other 1-2 times a year, you have become friends, and I even feel like a weird uncle to some of you. Without you, this stupid experiment that was started in a crappy apartment in 2006 would have never worked.


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