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Stream Host Plexus

Listen On Our World Wide Array

The 2023 numbers are in, and the percentages have never been higher. Here you will find links to our 28 relays around the world. This is our SHP (Stream Host Plexus.)

The SHP gives you choice avenues to listen, in a multitude of countries. With our website, mobile distributor, and our stream host web players. You have 35 different ways to hear us through computer, tablet/mobile device.

Although we broadcast from studios in Tulsa, Oklahoma United States, the digital broadcast market is not limited to one populace/region as traditional AM/FM stations, nor are we hampered by the legalities of satellite radio that only allows them to operate in U.S. territories.

The Active 101, KSHP-DB market is world wide, and our music and messages are heard by hundreds of thousands every month. Feel free to explore our SHP, and feel free to contact us if you have a product or message you want the world to hear.

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